Cork extraction in the North Alentejo  (Portugal)

This work was made for APCOR (Portuguese association cork), the only Portuguese organization that promotes cork and its products, in order to create awareness to the benefits of the usage of such material for the environment and also for the social issue, ensuring the fixation of people in deprived areas of the country.

In this Portuguese region, image richness is unique, full of textures and forms in very particular ways. The activity is in itself a powerful reason laden with meaning, is an art made by daring people in difficult and hard conditions.

This part of the documentary brings a radically different landscape and adds content to the activity, the art of cork extraction. Further south, the landscape changes dramatically. The plains are almost constant and mounted go as far as the eye can see.

Special thanks to:

Carlota Barata,

Francisco Almeida Garret.

Pedro Pacheco Marques,

Glenn for all suport achiving my objectives.

To all cork man who participated in the documentary for constant care and sympathy.

To APCOR a very special thanks for the trust and opportunity.

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