September 2012 – Portugal (Tras os Montes , Portugal)
This photographic documentary was made in a community oven with more than 200 years old. Although in poor condition, the oven is used from time to time for special occasions, and this was a special one: the oven and traditional activity where about to be documented.

I grew up in this environment, involved by it and now I see it all disappear. I intend to create a turning point, freeze those moments in time to be able to show and explain them in other time.

On the process of making bread is a deep knowledge and a tradition passed down from generation to generation. In Mourão no one makes bread they buy it at local marked. This knowledge and tradition are lost in time: they are past, hopefully never forgotten.

All documentary was done with natural light used in the past to bake bread, it was baked at candle light and traditional oil lamps.

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Portugal and Photographic Society of America (PSA)88x31 (1)