jorge sarmento

Documentary and humanist photography
Grew up in Tras-os-Montes (Portugal), Son of photographer, lives i Porto. Photography has always been present in his life. His first camera was one Minolta SRT 101 offered by his father. Over time he began to use only digital cameras.

Having always photography present, he finished the University Degree  in cultural anthropology which defines him as a documentary and humanist photographer. Over the last years frequently publishes works in various national and international journals/magazines and created various concepts related with identity and culture that are continuously connected to photography and anthropology.

Presently woks to national and international identities providing images and other contents. Member of PSA, and Portfolio Analist, In 2015 won the Documentary Award of Humanity Photo / UNESCO (Category – Living and Custom)

“I believe that if we love something we must track it with passion and never give up. To me passion is fundamental to an exceptional final result”